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Brown Spots On Skin? 

Remedies and Prevention Tips

What Is Brown Spots On Skin?

Brown spots on skin is a common aging problem that usually wait to materialize till middle age and are recognized by many name terms such as skin spots, age spots, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, or sometimes liver spots.

B rown age spots on the skinFind a remedy for brown spots on the skin

Age spots are “freckle-like” various sized flat, red, or brown unattractive deposit discolorations which can occur on many areas of the face and body.

What Causes Brown Skin Spots?

There are a variety of conditions that can cause spots to develop such as medications, diseases, infections, acne, and hormonal change.

The most common causes of brown spots on skin are the result of unprotected exposure to the sun’ rays over many years.

The more our skin is exposed to the sun, the greater amount of sun damage we accumulate. Increased melanin production results in a gradual accumulation of pigment that slowly rises to the surface of the skin producing spots.

Remove Brown spots on Skin

Although these harmless blemishes are more of a cosmetic nuisance and not a medical concern, they detract from the skin’s natural beauty and are an unwelcome sign of aging. Fortunately- There is a multitude of methods to fade dark spots or removing age spots completely.

Home Remedies and Treatments for Brown Spots on Skin

  • Cosmetics- To help camouflage facial age spots use a cream- based concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone. Age spots on face can be hidden quite well with the right foundation or concealer.
  • Fresh lemon slices or lemon juice is mildly acidic and used to help fade age spots. Cut a slice of fresh lemon and place it on your spot for 15-20 minutes or apply juice to skin with a Q-tip.
  • Grate 1 Tablespoon of horseradish into either 1 Tablespoon vinegar, buttermilk, or lemon juice to help lighten age spots. Apply mixture to spots. Keep paste mixture on 15-20 min. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Natural Aloe Vera gel or juice - Fresh Aloe has effective healing properties, beneficial in the treatment of bleaching age spots on face or body.
  • Papaya- Rub the fleshy side of a papaya on the affected area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.

Other natural ingredients that have natural bleaching properties include Cucumber, Oranges, Lime juice, Saffron, Turmeric powder, Sandalwood powder, Onion juice, Castor oil, Sour cream, and Apple cider vinegar.

Do not expect immediate results using mild home remedies to treat aging brown spots. Fading will be gradual. You may also want to try-

Topical Fade Creams and Lotions-

Age spot creams can help fade areas of unwanted pigmentation by disrupting the production and distribution of melanin synthesis.

Look for products which contain ingredients such as Hydroquinone, Kojic acid, Licorice extract, Vitamin C,or Orange peel extract.

Skin bleaching creams work in conjunction with products such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Retin-A to help accelerate the exfoliating process to produce better results.

Professional Treatment Measures for Brown spots on Skin

  • Cryotherapy – An application of a light spray freezing agent such as liquid nitrogen applied to the area to destroy the unwanted dark pigmentation.
  • Chemical peels (alpha and beta hydroxyl acids) – Chemical peel treatments is effective for skin rejuvenation and removing age spots. A series of light peels can lessen the appearance of dark spots by damaging and dissolving the top surface layers of skin to reveal fresh skin and better tone.
  • Laser resurfacing , photofacial treatments – These treatments focus on breaking up pigment cells to effectively resurface the skin. Acne sufferers have found these treatments very helpful to eliminate the acne dark spots or red spots left on areas where they once had acne.
  • Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion- Both treatments (dermabrasion being more aggressive) removes layers of skin through a sanding technique . This resurfacing procedure improves irregularities and removes unwanted pigmentation achieving a rejuvenated appearance.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure-

  • Avoid the sun between 10am and 3pm when the sun’ rays is most intense.
  • Wear protective clothing/aids- Hats, long sleeved shirts, and pants, umbrella, UV-resistant sunglasses…
  • Use a broad spectrum sun screen on a daily basis- (This means that the sunblock protects against both UVA and UVB rays). Choose a sunscreen with a high-SPF level.
  • Apply a quality anti aging hand cream- Age spots on hands will always give away your age! (Look for ingredients such as vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, and green tea extracts)
  • Use a Glycolic acid cleanser- It will help exfoliate dead cells and encourage cell regeneration.

  • *Be aware- Some spots may be confused for other skin conditions or develop into a more aggressive medical condition- If your spots concern you or if you notice any changes of shape ,texture, size, or color - consult your physician.

    These noticeable discolorations are not harmful but they definitely lessen the beauty of your skin.

    Choose a method of treatment that best suits your needs, affordability and comfort levels to help remove these irritating brown spots on skin.