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Mens Make Up - Is It For You?

Man Make up Tips

Mens make up is taking male grooming to a higher level.

Men have now taken a very dramatic change in the way they view the importance of skin care, and beauty products.

Sexy GuyCosmetics Exclusively for Men

Since men are becoming more comfortable in their own environment and put more effort into looking and feeling good, the popularity for products exclusively for men is a growing market.

Major cosmetic companies are now also addressing the large demand for cosmetics exclusively for men.

Social acceptance to men wearing makeup is also changing. Male shoppers are now more at ease and don’t feel threatened to attempt something new.

Women are not the only ones who want to accentuate their best facial features, hide blemishes and camouflage scars.

It has been a well known fact that makeup for men has been around for many people in the entertainment business for ages. Men can still look masculine and benefit the use of makeup to cover up imperfections, accent a facial feature, or achieve that well-polished image.

Mens Make up Benefits

The make up needs for men is a personal choice and not for everyone. Whether you are a new-comer or a seasoned professional –the choice is yours. If wearing make up appeals to you, the product choices are out there.

Using make up offers many physical improvement benefits to enhance your finer features, giving you more confidence, and it also provides greater sun protection.

Cosmetics can help control oily shine, conceal blemishes, acne scars, and dark circles under the eyes. Make up application techniques can correct an uneven toned complexion and create a flawless illusion.

The possibilities are endless to highlight a best feature or help re-direct attention away from a flaw by contouring. Transform your appearance in a subtle approach or for “The Bold” a very dramatic look!

The importance of applying male cosmetics correctly is critical for its success to appear natural and undetectable. Some guidelines for applying men’s make up are needed because it is applied different than it is for women.

You want to enhance a natural and healthy appearance and accentuate but keep the makeup virtually undetectable. Learn how to apply cosmetics properly to achieve perfection.

Learn some great tips on how to even-out complexion tones and cover imperfections.

Mens Makeup Tips

Mens make up will look better on a fresh, clear complexion so it’s very important for men to have a solid skin care regimen.

Good grooming maintenance is vital especially if using make up, because the steps you take prior to putting on foundation will determine the best end result. Proper facial care and quality cosmetic products complement each other.

Grooming basics-

  • Exfoliate the face- Cleansing the face will unclog pores, remove dead cell buildup, remove impurities,and smooth and refresh the entire surface.

  • Shaving- Treat your face to a better shaving experience with quality shaving creams and proper tools.

  • Toner- Soothes, tightens pores, restores PH level balance, and controls shine.

  • Moisturizer- Hydrates, protects your face from the elements and minimizes the signs of aging. Acts as an makeup primer to prepare the complexion for application ease of cosmetics.

  • Apply Sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

  • Foundation Makeup- Blend, BLEND,BLEND is the key to not looking made up…. Pay attention to ensure that the correct shade foundation is well blended to avoid any visible lines right up into your hairline and down into your neck. You want to avoid telltale signs of makeup. Remember- less is more! Keep it natural, subtle and looking healthy.

  • Beware Of- Facial hair and foundation, do not mix well. A bronzer, tinted moisturizer or mineral powder is a better choice.

  • Close Inspection - Invest in a lighted, magnified mirror.

  • Purchase quality brushes for lasting ability and application ease.

  • Dazzle-with a bright smile- Keep your teeth whitened and keep a lip balm handy to prevent your lips from getting chapped.

  • Don’t Touch- Avoid touching your face. Its good habit to keep impurities at bay, prevent rubbing make up off, and it will help keep your makeup stay fresh-looking longer.

  • Pre-Bedtime-Remember to remove your make-up at the end of the day and continue with your anti aging regimen.

So if you are ready to explore the newest men cosmetics with just a hint of concealer or bronzer or to aim for a more intentional dramatic or bolder look, many cosmetic companies have an exclusive range of makeup to choose from.

Choosing what you feel comfortable in is extremely important- experiment to find what is suitable for you.

Mens make up can help you get a natural polished look and boost self-confidence

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