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Skin Bleaching Creams Benefits

Bleaching Creams Safe Ingredients

Skin bleaching creams is a cosmetic treatment that is gaining popularity for treating hyperpigmentation, sun damage, blotchiness and a large number of skin discolorations or simply brighten up one’s face and achieve a healthier look.

Most people who use lightening products treat problems of uneven pigmentation that can appear in many forms such as age spots, liver spots, freckles, acne marks, birth marks, and uneven color. Discoloration can also be related to hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives (melasma).

Bleaching products work by reducing pigment. The amount of *melanin in the skin is what determines skin color. *Melanin is the brown pigment responsible for tanning the skin.

This treatment is a gradual process specially formulated to slow down melanin production and induce cell turnover to help resurface a fresher layer and achieve a fairer complexion.

Fair complexionSkin bleaching creams can brighten a complexion

Your desired result will depend on many factors such as the color density of the area being treated, depth of the pigment, and product use consistency. Follow up care is minimal once the desired result is reached.

Some people also use this procedure to lighten the whole complexion and discolored areas of the body.

Whitening skin methods have been chosen by many around the world for decades. It has been an important factor and very popular in India, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. This practice is also very popular in japanese skincare.

With increased popularity in the US market, many advances in cosmetic solutions are now available through top cosmetic and skin care companies offering safe skin whitener products.

Skin Bleaching Creams Ingredients

Kojic acid, (AHAs), licorice extract, and alpha-arbutin ingredients are some natural inhibitors used to obstruct dark pigment production.

These skin whitening ingredients have been shown to be successful in treatments.

  •  Kojic acid-

    Kojic acid is derived from mushrooms and used in concentrations ranging from 1-4%. This natural product ingredient is an alternative to hydroquinone, better tolerated, and used in many japanese beauty products.
  • AHAs -

    The AHA family (alpha-hydroxy acids- glycolic, lactic, tartaric and malic/sorbic acids have been proven to be helpful in minimizing skin discolorations and promote cell turnover.
  • Licorice Extract–

    (plant) The glabridin compound found in natural licorice extract suppresses pigmentation and is used in preparations for lightening.
  • Beta Arbutin &Alpha-Arbutin-

    Both varieties come from natural forms of plants and are effective ingredients for blocking melanin production. The Alpha-Arbutin version is however more expensive to manufacture but it is more effective and offers faster results.

Other safe ingredients to look for in whitening creams-

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 ), papain (Papaya enzyme), willow bark extract, lemon juice extract, grapefruit extract, mulberry extract, berries, glutathione, aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin C, and vitamin A (retinal).

Many different combinations of these substances can be found in products to increase the whitening effectiveness.

Skin Bleaching Creams Ingredient Dangers

Many health problems can be the result of using creams containing dangerous levels of unsafe ingredients

Mercury is very potent, toxic metal that is easily absorbed by the skin and is a very common ingredient found in some of these products. Mercury poisoning is known to cause rashes, infections, discolorations, abdominal pain, constipation, and long term problems such as liver failure, hearing, vision, and speech impairment, depression, memory loss and many other harmful side effects.

Hydroquinone was the main ingredient used in bleaching products to inhibit melanin production until concerns over problem irritations and clinical studies showing cancer causing properties were discovered. It is now regulated in the U.S- Over-the-counter products often contain 2% Hydroquinone. Any higher concentration is available only from a physician.

It works well in disrupting the production of melanin although the risks are not worth taking high concentrations, especially now that natural alternatives have been produced that have the same properties-without the risk.

Steroids-This harmful ingredient can cause bacterial and fungal infections, pigmentation disorders, thinning of the skin, infections, and numerous other side effects. Under the supervision of a doctor they can be very useful in treating some skin diseases.

BE-AWARE - Dangerous bootleg whitening products are still widely available. Risky, illegal bleaching ingredient–based products are sold on the black market so be sure you always buy from reputable manufacturers.

Whitening Tips

  1. For products to be successful it’s important to exfoliate daily. Preparing your skin by eliminating the upper layer of dead cell buildup will enhance penetration for bleaching. Cell turnover will give quicker results and work with bleaching products to reveal new fresh skin.

  2. Retinoids such as Tretinoin( topical medication commonly known as Retin-A) is an optional method that can be used prior to lighteners to improve their effectiveness and increase cellular turnover.

  3. The use of skin bleaching creams can cause dryer skin. Apply a moisturizer daily to keep skin hydrated and supple.

  4. Other effective products that can be helpful is a whitening facial toner, whitening soap, glycolic moisturizer, facial bleaching cream masks, or cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels, lactic acid, microdermabrasion, IPL treatments (Intense Pulsed Light) , and laser resurfacing.
    Supplements such as Vitamin C, MSM, and Glutathione will also add a boost.

  5. Always wear a good sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Pay particular attention when undergoing any skin bleaching treatment to make sure sensitive areas of your body are always protected from sun damage. Without sunscreen you risk damage to fresh skin and the re-deposit of pigment.

Trust natural skin bleaching creams to get gorgeous flawless results