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Drinking water for skin care anti aging has often been stated as a beauty benefit for years and we continually keep being reminded.


We all have heard of the recommended 8 glasses of water a day advice for younger, beautiful skin and a healthy body.

Drinking water for skin care benefitsDrinking water for beauty benefits

Can drinking water for skin care offer real benefits?

The benefits are numerous, although not everyone agrees and a general lack of official evidence is also a problem so you may have to keep yourself informed and basically use your own judgement what you think is a myth or a fact.


Helps achieve a radiant complexion- Some people tend to believe huge amounts of water will not retain long enough to clear up acne or cure dry skin.

The water consumed passes via urine and unable to reach surfaces to make a difference in skin appearance.

On the other hand, some swear it helps plump the skin, increase its elasticity, brighten, and help lessen the look of wrinkles.


How much water should I drink?  Trust your thirst mechanism for the most part.   Don’t stress out each day by counting your bottle intake. Age, hot temperatures, exercising, and many daily issues will affect your own personal routine.

 I say, if you feel it helps –Drink what you can

Water in chilled wine glassEntice Yourself to drink more water

Water-rich foods help your body hold onto water longer to actually reach the surface to do some good- If eating hydrating foods that are bonus packed with nutrients play an important anti aging role –that’s a plus!

Try adding more water through fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, peaches, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers.


Claims are also made that drinking water will help carry vitamins to the cells and assist the skin to keep well hydrated.



Drinking water will help reduce dry skin- It appears keeping the moisture on the outside has a more significant benefit to combat dry skin.

A moisturizer will do the job of hydrating and keeping the moisture locked in.  For extra measure, drinking water keeps everything on the inside from becoming dehydrated and it may contribute to softer, moister skin.

More claims of why drinking water for skin benefits


Drinking water helps eliminate AcneThis treatment alone may not be enough, although it makes sense that drinking water will help flush out toxins out of the body that can build up and contribute to acne problems.

Adding a good acne program to your daily routine will help control breakouts.


 For good health in general, drinking water helps in the proper functioning of our organs.

When your immune system performs well, your health as well as your skin should naturally look better.


Prevents dark circles- Many things can contribute to dark under eye circles such as lifestyle, genetic, or a variety of other conditions. It’s important to first find the main cause.

Since water plays an important role in promoting circulatory health it may help reduce under eye circles from forming because it helps keep any fluid retention from settling under our eyes and causing shadows.



Drinking water for skin enhancements may indeed be over-rated or it possibly could make a marked difference – Ready for that challenge –

Re-think grabbing that soda filled with sugars –Create a new healthy habit!