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Anti aging Hand Cream Benefits

Your Hands Can Become A Beauty Statement!

Anti aging hand cream benefitsBEAUTIFUL HANDS!- Hand cream benefits

Quality anti aging hand cream products finally do more than just moisturize and heal chapped hands.

We have all heard that “Nothing gives away our age like our hands” or “"You can tell the true age of women by looking at their hands...

As is the case of facial aging, the skin on the hands are definitely at risk when it comes to showing age and they also need to be properly cared for.

Women have been neglecting and literally hiding their aging, wrinkled hands until now. The symptoms of aging of the hands shows long before your face shows its fine lines and wrinkles.

Until recently, we did not give much attention to our hands and gave all our attention to our face skin care regimen. Skin care for hands is just as important!

Everything we do brings attention to our hands and with the many beauty introductions of various manicure treatment therapys and the latest nail design aids (nail art ,gems…) will draw even more focused attention.

All these wonderful beautification techniques have diverted the attention of most of us to the condition of our hands and we have realized the importance to keeping them younger-looking.

Benefits Of An Anti aging Hand Cream

With the new advanced formulas now available the use of an anti aging hand cream helps to protect our skin from the elements, reduce overall dryness and the hand wrinkles that have formed, and renew and rejuvenate our skin.

This deep penetrating conditioning and nourishing treatment will help to achieve velvety smooth, youthful-looking hands preventing rough hands, fine lines, wrinkling and crinkling of the skin from forming.

Over time the breakdown of collagen protein and elastin fibers in the dermal layers can lead to hands losing their plumpness, sometimes revealing bulging hand veins. Some anti aging ingredients in the best hand cream’ now promote skin cell reproduction and help stimulate more collagen fiber naturally.

Anti aging Hand Cream Ingredients

With the all new, advanced technologies of anti-aging hand cream ingredients you can reverse some of the aging on your hands.

Some popular anti aging hand lotion ingredients include:

  • Natural skin whitening ingredients, kojic, bearberry, and lactic acids with licorice extract that is proven to be effective in fading freckles, age spots and other pigmentation problems. These key anti aging elements have been quite successful and proven to be beneficial in treating these common aging signs on the hands.
  • The regenerative qualities of Aloe-vera extract/juice can be found in many herbal based anti aging hand cream products.
  • Vitamin C’ antioxidant actions makes it an ideal ingredient in an antiaging hand cream. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has the ability to lighten and refine the skin and helps accelerate collagen stimulation.
  • Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid - High performance skin hydrators helps to draw water, or moisture, into the skin where its protective properties will help retain the moisture and plump the area.
  • Emu and Coconut oil helps promote healthy cell reproduction.
  • DMAE-Found naturally in the body –extends cell life ,improves skin tone and firmness.
  • Sunscreen ingredients added to a anti aging hand cream product is a “sun safety, plus.” Sunscreen shields the skin from the harmful UVA/UVB sun rays. A sunscreen product helps to limit the amount of future aging that occurs from sun exposure. Since sun damage accumulates over time, the earlier you start using sunblock on your hands will help in the prevention of aging and cancers.
  • Alpha-hydroxy acid, is an important ingredient in anti aging products as well. AHA's remove dead cells from the surface and speed up the cell renewal, uncovering smooth, refined, evenly pigmented new skin.
  • Retinol (retinyl palmitate), or Vitamin A is used to neutralize free radicals and stimulate cells to produce more collagen naturally. This rich antioxidant is also used for the treatment of sun damage, age spots, and uneven, blotchy patches which is often a great concern on the hands.

Collagen protein and Elastin fiber are the building blocks that gives skin its strength and elasticity. When this production breaks down over time and deteriorates, aging and wrinkles become more noticeable. Replacing new collagen is not as easy as simply applying a cream, it must become a part of the skin's dermis (inner layer).

The molecules of collagen are too large and therefore cannot penetrate our skin tissue. Unfortunately, beauty creams that have included collagen in their formula as an anti aging ingredient are not going to help you.

Instead, look for antioxidants such as retinol,Vitamin A, and Vitamin C ingredients that have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin where it promotes the formation of collagen synthesis and helps defend against signs of aging.

Anti aging hand cream is an essential part of every woman's beauty regimen. Don’t let your hands tell your age. Include your hands into your beauty routine.

Is your hands ready for that gorgeous French manicure?