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Facial Exercises-Benefits

Non Surgical Facelift Results

Facial exercises is a easy performed technique exercising the muscles of the face through specific movements.

One hot topic!

There has been much debate on this popular topic and opinions vary greatly among the beauty and skincare anti aging seekers. Many people are willing to give facial programs a try and make an effort because it offers a more natural and less artificial look than other expensive and risky methods.

With the increasing popularity today many programs are offering facial yoga instruction classes to reach and improve targeted muscles of the face, including neck exercises to target the age-revealing chin and neck. Numerous sources of educational books, DVD', and rejuvenation facial device' are also available to help give you a large range of choices.

Face firming exercises is simple isometric, resistance movements that work to strengthen the supportive underlying muscles of the face, to help tighten, form better facial definition, and helps in the correction of lines and wrinkles. This anti aging face care program works for both women and the male face to maintain /restore a glowing and youthful look.

Facial stimulation strengthens the supportive muscles in the face to help tone, lift, and support loose skin, smooth out lines on the face, and protect you from wrinkle formation by encouraging the production of collagen.

To exercise the face is similar to a fitness program using exercise routines to build muscle fiber and sculpt the body. Working out with a regular routine keeps you fit and it helps build up the muscles of your body to stay toned and firm.

Practicing facial yoga exercises on a regular basis achieve a similar effect by working in the same way. Most improvements are subtle and they show results over-time.

Facial Exercise Benefits

Improved blood flow and oxygen is increased resulting in a healthier, enhanced complexion. Improved circulation will invigorate your system and help stimulate the lymphatic system to aid detoxification.

Exercising the lymphatics helps the movement of lymph fluids through the bloodstream. Often times, congestion tends to accumulate under the eyes causing dark circles and puffiness. With the help of exercise it can expel the congestion and clear the shadows.

As we age loss of elasticity and tone in our face and neck causes us to look tired and older. Stimulation will encourage the synthesis of collagen and elastin production to help add fullness and tighten up sag.

Exercises can also reduce stress. They are very relaxing and can relieve tension.

Facial Exercises- pros and cons

Let’s review some of the information out there-

  • Skeptics believe exercises that could help in renewing the eye area, face molding and re-shaping is impossible and a waste of time. Body muscle responds to exercise – are the muscles in the face that different?

  • Some people believe repeated use of muscles in the face can damage and do more harm than good. They believe relaxing the face muscles is the answer and exercise creates wrinkles. Then why is it that long time advocates of facial exercise such as Elinor Glyn, Jack Lalanne, and Carolyn Cleaves look so youthful and have successful programs?
  • Carolyn’s program- Click here to visit Carolyns Facial Fitness.

  • A proper diet along with a good anti aging skin care regimen will support and enhance the results of your facial workout.

  • Some claim the key reasons some people are successful, and some fail is that it’s not for everybody-some people want overnight results and have no patience. Exercises require long term commitment and individual results will depend on dedication and the condition of your personal muscle tone and how fast you respond.

  • Facial surgery, injectable fillers, thread lifts, botox, and numerous other treatments can be costly, risky, require downtime, and still require a maintenance program. Some of the facial treatment programs are very pricy, time consuming, and involve extra charges for accessories and product. Other exercise progams however, are simple low-maintenance, convenient, offer free exercises, or they are reasonably priced to obtain instruction.

  • Although it’s a major commitment- In cases of facial paralysis, facial resistance training treatments have been very successful in patients.

  • Facial stimulation is typically used to stimulate blood flow and circulation which will assist nutrients to the skin and help take toxins out. This is very helpful in massage and rejuvenation treatments, or assisting in the treatment of some medical conditions. It is also stated that through faithful use of these exercises it will stimulate the collagen protein. Enhancing ones’s collagen production will improve hollows and the overall structure of the face.

  • There is no real scientific evidence to support the pro or con issues of achieving a non surgical face lift by doing facial exercises so its recommended to do your research and then decide if this method is for you.
  • The discipline paid off for many believers- Dramatic results- Its natural, very safe to perform and the results leaves a younger, fresher version of yourself, unlike artificial results from some plastic surgery procedures.

    Free Facial Exercises

    Maintaining a regular facial fitness routine is easy and very convenient. It only takes a few minutes of your time and they can be done while watching television, or just about anywhere you have a few minutes throughout your day.

    Join me in a few exercises to determine if they have any anti aging benefits or if it is possible to get a facelift without surgery

    • Cheek exercises -To give you definition to your cheeks and jawline- Extend your lips out forward in an exaggerated pucker with your mouth closed. Hold pout for 10 seconds and release. Repeat 5 sets.

    • Droopy eyelids - Working the eye muscles will help prevent hooded eyelids, eye wrinkle, and lift the under brow area. Place and push your fingertips up and against the brow bone, creating a mild stretch and pulling up loose skin. At the same time- close and open your eyes wide. Repeat exercise 10 times.

    • Facial Jowls- To help lift sagging jowls and define the jaw line. Make an exaggerated smile. With your mouth open showing teeth stretch out the smile as far as you can. Hold this big smile as you lean your head back as far as you can. Close your mouth and do a chewing motion 20 times. Repeat 5 sets.

    • Eye exercises-Facial exercises will help with eye wrinkles and bagginess. Relax, sitting upright with eyes open. Place your finger tips gently under your eyes, squint and close your eyes feeling the muscles being worked. Repeat 10 sets.

    • Double chin exercise - How to lose a double chin. From a standing or sitting position, press your chin to your chest. Slowly raise and tilt your head back as far as you can while you clench you teeth tight. Hold for count of 10. Relax, and repeat 10 times.
    • For More Double Chin Exercises click here

    • Lip exercises- To help regain fullness and firm lips. Move your lips into a puckered kiss position and pretend you are going to kiss the tip of your nose by pointing them upwards. Hold position for the count of 10. Repeat 10 times.

    • Neck exercises-Facial exercises help strengthen neck muscles, stretch, firm, and tone and prevent neck wrinkles from forming. Sit upright and tilt your head back. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and firmly hold for the count of 10. Slowly lower your chin to your neck. Relax and repeat 5 sets.

    • Forehead Exercises-To help lift the brow area and prevent forehead lines and wrinkles. Frown and draw your eyebrows toward each other. Open your eyes wide and lift eyebrows up and as far apart from each other as possible. Repeat 5 times.

    Try many more free face exercises.

    Witness for your-self the benefits facial exercises can do. Maybe its possible to skip surgery altogether!

    Interested in more detailed instruction,CD,or DVD- Click here to visit Carolyns Facial Fitness.

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