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 Anti aging Skin Care Tips For 40 and Over

6 Anti aging Skin Care Tips

Anti aging skin care tips with a bit of Old advice still applies-

Most people find what worked in your 30’ may not be a good fit now.

Most of us can relate to our neglected skin in our 20’. Getting older, we are now accountable for bad habits. It’s never too late to start a better preventative care and maintenance program, or reinvent your New You.

Anti aging Tips for mature skin careAnti aging Skin Care Tips For Women and Men over 40



Always allow some time to pamper your skin and keep it healthy. A skin care program boost may be in order. You want to include anti aging products that not only protect but also help rejuvenate and reverse the signs of damage.


 We love the sun but hate the unforgiving surprises that may emerge from years of its touch. Sun damage may show up in a form of lines and wrinkles, age spots, uneven texture, or hyperpigmentation.


Good choices for anti wrinkle, uneven tones/textures and to minimize melanin production is  vitamin C, Vitamin E, Retinol, or Salicylic acid ingredients which will also  help brighten the skin and boost radiance.


Dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE, Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic acid, peptides, and many other outstanding ingredients are also known to be effective in rejuvenation treatments.


When it comes to makeup- Gone with the heavy pancake look!


Appearance changes in skin tone and texture due to the natural aging process and external sources makes it important to re-evaluate your makeup routine and tweak your own signature look.

You may notice lines and wrinkles start to develop and pores become larger. Some cosmetics have a tendency to accentuate the wrinkles by settling in facial lines and looking heavy and cakey. Calling attention to wrinkles is not a good thing.


A lot can be said about the saying “Less is More!

Start with creating a smoother canvas for your face by adding a primer under your foundation to prep the skin, even out tones, and help extend makeup wear.


The better chance to find a product more suitable to mature skin types is to switch to a lighter foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream. Some luminous formulas can actually create an instant softened illusion.

Anti aging skin care tip-Light-deflecting foundations can be applied alone, under or over your regular foundation to add a more dewy brightness.


The latest anti aging makeup now offer built-in anti aging ingredients and sun protection.


A concealer may become an important asset to you now to illuminate the undereye area to help hide any dark shadows you may have lurking. Dark circles and other concerns generally worsen with age because the eye area thins.


Powder is yet another problem- Powder tends to settle into lines and wrinkles if you are not careful and bring attention to the areas you want to minimize. If you feel you can’t totally get rid of powder completely, try using a very fine, sheer formula with a light touch, and allow a bit of sheen thru to give a more youthful look to your complexion.


Stay away from matte, or glitter products –they both highlight imperfections.


Anti aging skin care tip- Eyes not what they used to be? Struggling to apply eye makeup?

 Consider investing into a good magnifying mirror to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. This helpful aide can ease up all grooming difficulties and help you create perfection.

Magnifying makeup glasses are ideal travel companions. They come in many strengths, and flip-up, flip-over, arched styles.   


Mature skin requires a bit more care because it tends to produce less oil and it will look and feel dryer. You will need to replenish that moisture to keep your complexion soft and supple.

Adding hydration will instantly refresh the complexion. Plumping up the skin helps diminish wrinkles and soothes and smooths the skin. Moisturize frequently with an ingredient-rich moisturizer to help maintain a moisture balance.


Be aware of the many changes that may take place as you age. Keep a check on your skin for anything that may worry you. Anything that may look like a form of skin cancer should be checked by a doctor.

If it’s simply common age spots that are generally caused by sun damage, there are a number of remedies to try such as numerous home remedies, anti aging products, peels and laser treatments.


Yellow,dark teeth? You will be surprised what this one important anti aging skin care tip will do to brighten up that smile and turn back time.

 With age our tooth enamel wears away and our teeth become more porous and are prone to retain stains and discolor.

Some medications, foods, coffee, wine and smoking can cause a great deal of wear and tear on our teeth over the years. There are many whitening procedures out there that can take years off whether you choose to do it yourself with an assortment of bleaching kits, strips, and toothpastes to select from, or have a whitening treatment done by a dentist.

Flash that younger smile!


Another golden rule you have heard over and over because IT WORKS!   Drinking water helps maintain moisture in the skin and helps deliver essential nutrients through our system to skin cells.

Dry, dull skin is very aging, not to mention the fact, dry skin is  more prone to wrinkle. When you keep your body adequately hydrated it will help revitalize and improve your entire system, inside and out.


Drink to staying fit and looking gorgeous.


For the record- Some things never change- Healthy lifestyle choices such as not smoking, limit alcohol, sun protection, exercise, and a healthier diet can dramatically improve a woman's appearance at any age.




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