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 5 Anti Wrinkle Tips

Anti wrinkle tipsDo what you can to prevent wrinkles

Anti wrinkle tip 1- Keep a check on bad habits

Smoking- Early stages of skin damage from smoking may be hard to detect right away although the years of smoking will eventually contribute to wrinkles.

The many chemicals in cigarette smoke are known to help damage our fibre structure which keeps our skin firm and resilient. Nicotine alone is responsible for causing small blood vessels that feed skin and its underlying tissues to contract, diminishing the flow of oxygen and nutrients.


Tanning-  Refraining from any type of tanning may be difficult especially if you are young and not yet worried about wrinkles. The cost of that beautiful tan will cause your skin to wrinkle and sag prematurely and also increase the risk of skin cancers.

You will eventually wish you had taken better care of your skin.

An ideal alternative these days now offer improved “fake bake’ self tanning lotions.

Smoking/Tanning Damage

Anti wrinkle tip 2-Apply makeup gently

Some bad beauty habits can also cause unnecessary damage. Avoid pulling or stretching your skin when applying makeup. The skin around the eyes is especially sensitive, thin, and delicate, be extra careful when applying mascara and eyeliner.


An additional plus for makeup lovers- Using makeup already provides an additional barrier to UV radiation.  Today, some companies have also provided anti aging ingredients to formulas.

Anti wrinkle tip 3-Daytime Check

Are you skipping the sunscreen?- Exposure to UVA and UVB rays is the main cause of photoaging damage. The damaging effects of sunlight can be blocked out with a wide-spectrum sunscreen that includes ingredients and filters both for UVA and UVB light


Always remember to apply sunscreen everyday to help prevent premature aging.

Be aware that UVA rays are able to penetrate through clouds and windows of your car, home or office. These damaging rays are the ones responsible for causing premature aging and cancers.


UVB rays are the strongest from 10am -4pm and are responsible for tanning or sunburns.



Protect your eyes with sunglasses-

Get in the habit of wearing a good pair of UVA /UVB sunglasses year- round for your overall eye health. The damage the sun can cause your eyes can lead to cataracts, retina damage, skin cancers around the eyes, and it will help you avoid squinting. Squinting can encourage crows feet and frown lines to form.

Anti wrinkle tip 4-Nightime Check

Makeup removal- Guilty of too many times going to bed without washing off your  makeup? Sleeping with your makeup on is an open invitation to clogged pores, breakouts, dry areas of skin, and wrinkles. An important part of a good skin care regimen is cleansing and allowing the natural exfoliation process to promote new skin. Exfoliation helps cells to turn over and encourage new collagen growth.

Collagen helps plump and maintain skin strength.


The best time your skin can absorb anti aging skin care products is when it’s clean.

Allowing your skin to breathe, rejuvenate and repair itself thru the night while you sleep will help keep your skin healthy and younger looking.


Make it a “Must” beauty rule –No exceptions- Remove makeup before bed




Sleeping habit– Are you squishing wrinkles into your face at night?  The sleep lines you see in the morning may be caused by sleeping on your stomach. Constantly creasing your face into a pillow each night may eventually start wrinkle formations. Purchasing a silk or satin pillowcase will help soften the pressure.

Try getting used to sleeping on your back.

Anti wrinkle tip 5-Product Application

It’s always a good idea to be aware of the way you are applying any type of skin care product to your face. Always use upward strokes and refrain from pulling, stretching, and applying too much pressure to the skin to avoid damage.

Extra care should be taken around the eye area. Eye cream is best applied by tapping the cream gently into the skin around the eye area.

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