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Benefits Of Aromatherapy Care Skin Treatments

Anti aging Skin Care Using Essential oils

Aromatherapy care skin treatments is one of the popular ways to enjoy essential oil.


The aromatherapy benefits of these botanical essential oils are absorbed into the entire body through rejuvenation treatment application, massage, baths, or inhalation.

Aromatherapy skin care herbal treatments can be very easily introduced into your beauty regimen with home beauty remedies made with easy homemade recipes for your own personal care.

What is Essential Oil?

Aromatherapy oils are concentrated fluids that are extracted from flowers, bark, leaves, herbs, roots and resins depending upon the plant.

These oils have healing and cosmetic properties and the aromatherapy fragrance’ are very pleasing and mood-enhancing.

Aromatherapy oil is some of the highest known sources of antioxidants that can prevent free radical damage and thus have an anti aging effect on the skin when used in essential oil skin care treatments.

Aromatherapy Care Skin Treatment Benefits

Various aromatherapy care skin oils are particularly invigorating and hydrating. They help refresh and stimulate cellular renewal. Other oils have properties that tone, balance, and regulate our bodily functions.

Another set of oils have a calm, sedative and tranquil effect to bring balance and harmony into our stressful lives to help relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. They all deliver nutrients and oxygen that improve circulation to improve your complexion.

Some aromatherapy care skin oils are used to personalize skin care treatments and target skin problems. Various oils are used in aromatherapy healing treatments because they have the ability to stimulate, regulate sebum production, destroy harmful bacteria, and help cure infections.

A popular choice is an anti aging facial treatment which serves for both our well-being and assists in anti aging, all combined in one package.

Treatments can contain essential oils that open the pores, hydrate the skin and even stimulate lymphatic drainage.

All essential oils when used in aromatherapy care skin treatments have the ability to reduce stress, stimulate circulation in our immune system, destroy bacteria, and provide vitamin nourishment.

Aromatherapy Care Skin Fragrances

An aromatherapy health and beauty care product or your own essential oil recipe can be chosen to evoke certain moods to help alleviate tension and reduce the impact of emotional stress or energize and stimulate.

Many popular blends using essential oils can be used in aroma therapy recipes.

Formulated treatments using lighter essences have the capacity to penetrate deeper into the skin where it can repair and regulate on a cellular level, while heavier based essences are used in body care such as massage beauty fitness treatments. Each essential oil has unique characteristics and is highly concentrated.

Many oils have proved to be very useful to help delay the aging process such as sandalwood, chamomile (blue), Vetiver, rosewood and frankincense.

Here is a quick overview of some vital oils-

  • Palmarosa oil-
  • With its hydrating and moisturizing properties this popular oil encourages cell renewal and balances hydration levels.

  • Sandlewood-
  • This relaxing exotic oil is valued for its moisturizing, balancing effect and skin healing properties. Anti-wrinkle treatments benefit from this rich, warm, woody, aromatherapy fragrance by helping to soften mature, wrinkled skin, and heal stretch marks.

    This is a wonderful aromatherapy care skin oil that is well suited for dry skin preparations to help treat flakiness, rough, dry itchy skin.

  • Rose-
  • Rose essential oil is an excellent multi purpose oil. This important element can help congested skin and circulation problems.

    Another remarkable property of rose oil is that it’s a good skin cleanser for all skin types. It also promotes skin health, keeps skin soft and prevents lines and face wrinkles.

  • Evening Primrose Oil-
  • A fine textured oil that comes from the seeds of the plant that is rich in essential fatty acids that has countless skin care benefits.

    It’s moisturizing abilities helps with dry scaly skin, eczema and psoriasis. Using this premier oil, it will also improve firmness and elasticity.

    Very beneficial in lightening dark circles under your eyes and reducing blemishes.

  • Frankincense -
  • This valuable and precious oil is used widely for the mature skin and for its hydrating and healing properties. An excellent choice for promoting skin regeneration.

  • Patchouli-
  • This very beneficial oil is used for skin infections and wounds. Helps open pores and eliminate toxins that is useful in oily, acne skin treatments.

    Known to have cell regeneration properties that has been found to be of benefit for mature types, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

  • Geranium-
  • Used in many dry skin remedy treatments.

    It provides healing and balancing properties to oily and dry skin, helps repair broken capillaries and fights eczema and other skin allergies.

    Aids control in acne conditions and reduces inflammation.

  • Lavender-
  • Lavender oil helps sun-damaged skin and various skin infections. Lavender aromatherapy is great for oily and blemished skin as an antiseptic and for sensitive skin care.

    It helps prevent scarring such as acne scars, promotes tissue regeneration and is useful in treating wrinkles. This perfume oil is an all-around favorite in aromatherapy care skin beauty products.

  • Neroli-
  • This incredible sweet, floral, essential oil fragrance is a great antibacterial and astringent.

    It’s used for stretch marks and in facial acne scar treatment because it promotes the formation of new skin cells. It has excellent skin toning and brightening properties.

  • Carrot Oil-
  • With the help of this powerful antioxidant in an antiaging facial treatment it helps clear blemishes on the skin.

    Used in anti aging skin care treatments for the ability to stimulate elasticity. Due to being very high in nourishing beta-carotene it is extremely effective for dry and aging skin.

  • Chamomile (German blue)-
  • This soothing oil excels as an antiseptic for dry, sensitive skin and acne. This oil is excellent to treat many skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema.

    Chamomile oil is used in body, bath and hair products for its anti-allergic properties.

  • Juniper Berry -
  • This oil has fresh, fruity, aromatherapy fragrances of a woody-sweet aroma. It helps to remove accumulated fluids in the body, detoxify, and clear congested skin.

    Used in oily, acne skin treatments because of its restoring, antiseptic, astringent properties.

  • Tea Tree Oil-
  • It is a powerful essential oil skin disinfectant, ideal for oily blemished skin, razor bumps, and to treat acne conditions.

Enjoy the value these pure essential oils can benefit you through aromatherapy care skin treatments.