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Best Face Cleansers, Scrubs, and Toners

What To Include In A Basic Skin Care Regimen

Using the best face cleansers is the first step in your beauty regimen.

A daily beauty regimen plan is just as important as an exercise or healthy diet plan. You owe the same dedication to your complexion if you want it to be healthy and beautiful as you age.

A basic facial beauty regimen starts with cleansing the face with a quality product (without harsh detergents added) designed to your skin type to help maintain a healthy, luminous complexion.

The face washing process removes dirt, excess oil, makeup/cell build up and other impurities that clog your pores. The stimulating action helps provide good circulation and cell renewal which gives you a healthy glow.

Tip- Always wash your makeup off every evening before bed to give your skin a chance to breathe and allow your rejuvenation products to do their magic over-nite. Wake up fresh with a clear canvas for your makeup routine.

Selecting The Best Face Cleansers for Your Skin Type

Helpful tips to make the best purchase-

Dry Type:

A cream cleanser is a good choice to help restore and lock in moisture to help prevent further dryness. It will help soften and keep skin supple.

Oily/Acne Prone Type:

Best pick- Gel-based, oil-free cleansers will help remove en-bedded dirt, sebum, and old cells to keep pores clear. The best face cleansers may also include acne-fighting active ingredients in the formulas to help fight break-outs, blemishes and blackheads from forming.

Sensitive Type:

You want to look for gentle mild foaming or liquid cleansers with few chemicals that may irritate. Natural products with soothing ingredients will help calm and protect delicate skin.

Weekly Essential- One extra important step to your basic cleansing is to incorporate a mechanical exfoliation treatment that will provide resurfacing benefits to create a polished look with the use of skin care scrubs.

Exfoliation scrubs are used to remove dead cells, revealing fresh new radiance, help dislodge black heads, invigorate, and improve the overall texture of your skin.

It also makes your skin more receptive to product. Blocked pores interfere with the absorption of our anti aging products. The best time to apply moisturizer and other anti aging treatments is right after exfoliating. Grainy consistencies or gel scrubs are available.

The second step to your facial hygiene regimen is a clarifying toner.

The purpose of skin toner is to refresh and soothe,tighten up pores and remove traces of the cleanser, makeup, and pollutants left behind.

They help hydrate, refine the surface texture and restore the PH balance of your skin for optimal penetration of treatment applications. Men often times replace an aftershave with a toner for its soothing abilities.

Remember to protect -Moisturize and sunscreen

A good consistent facial cleansing regime and the best face cleanser products holds a lot of significance regarding your skin care benefits and the anti aging results.


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