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Cleansing skin care starts with a few basics to properly care for your complexion and keep it healthy. Proper cleansing effectively removes makeup, excess oil, dirt, and impurities from the surface of your face and prepares your skin to absorb nourishment better.  Harsh products are avoided that strip natural oils.

Find out what types are available and which antiaging products work best for you.

Proper facial cleansingDevelope a good cleansing routine

Always keep in mind- choose the best product that fits your skin type and/or tailored to your specific problem to get the best benefits.


Let’s begin with the different types of cleansers available-


 Many skin care cleansing products are available for both men and women based on your individual needs or skin type. Choice cleansers include gentle, invigorating, deep pore, hydrating types for dry skin, or special formula treatments.

A clarifying cleanser is great for acne types to help keep pores clear, dry excess sebum, and help minimize problems. If you have dry, mature skin you may opt for a moisturizing or illuminating brand. As a general rule, foaming cleansers tend to be more drying and are best suited for oily types.


If you are interested in DIY many recipes are also available to try.

Cleansing skin care OILS-

You may decide to go the oil cleansing method to deep clean and also balance your own oil production. First you totally have to understand that oil dissolves oil.

Many recipes are available to make your own formula if you prefer. A combination of castor oil for it’s  anti-inflammatory, healing, and cleansing properties (less castor oil for a dry skin type) and one other nutrient-rich oil to dilute the thickness of the castor oil and to add nutrients and provide moisture and other benefits makes a easy massage oil blend.


 My favorite is sunflower seed oil but there are many seed, nut, vegetable, or organic oils to choose from.

Creating just the right combo for you may take a few trial batches.


Warm a quarter-size amount of oil together in your hands and massage into your face. Continue to massage and dissolve the impurities from your pores until you feel it’s been well cleansed. Steam a wash cloth in hot water to wipe the oil gently away. Repeat as necessary.


As long as the facial soaps are gentle and specially formulated to use for cleansing your face and you avoid using traditional harsh anti-bacterial, deodorant body bars, they should be fine for people that prefer a bar soap.

Soaps that are meant for the body are usually very drying and irritating to facial skin.


Various types of granular substances are available. Help speed up cell turnover with exfoliating cleansers with buffing tool particles to assist the natural renewal process.


Exfoliating treatments gently polishes and smoothes texture by dissolving dead cell buildup.

These treatments increase blood flow, triggers the skin to repair and build new collagen protein/elastin fibers to help boost a radiant glow and stronger foundation.


You will see an almost instant brighter, smoother complexion with this simple treatment.

Cleansing skin care METHODS –

Whatever method you use to cleanse your face, use a gentle touch


Today, a simple cleansing your face with your fingertips is still preferred by many. Massage your cleanser into the skin with wet finger pads in upward and outward motions. Do not over-stretch, drag, or pull skin to prevent damage.


Natural loofahs, textured sponges, and various kinds of exfoliating cloths made up of a mix of fibres for the face can also be helpful in exfoliation. Exfoliated skin and un-clogged pores will always help create a more youthful smooth complexion. These popular tools can be used in conjunction with a facial wash or by itself.



MECHANICAL CLEANSING-Power facial cleansers are increasing in popularity and help deep cleanse and loosen/ remove dead skin cells. Hand held rotating cleansing brush systems lathers and cleanses your face, increases exfoliation, renews texture, and gives you a refreshed, smooth feel.


A few tips will help you wash your face properly


Remove makeup- Special ingredients found in makeup removers will help loosen makeup and remove product. Soak cotton pads/Q-tips in remover solution and gently remove foundation and eye makeup.


Apply cleanser- Cleanser is best applied to your face and neck in a circular, upward motion


Rinse- Rinse skin with lukewarm water and follow up if you wish with a toner to clear away any excess cleanser, traces of makeup and dirt. Apply toner to a cotton pad to gently sweep across your face and neck. Pat dry.



Removing your makeup and cleansing your face properly every night will help remove the barrier from your skin to help your antiaging products penetrate/ rejuvenate overnight and promote a glowing, healthy complexion.

Cleansing skin care - How to properly wash your face

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