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Double Chin Exercises

Get Rid of Double Chin Thru Facial Exercises

Double chin exercises are a great inexpensive solution to get rid of that unwanted double chin.


What Causes Double Chin Face Fat?

The major cause for a double chin is weight gain or an accumulation of excess fat deposits. The tissue under the chin is just like many other parts of the body that are prone to storing body fat.

Neck and chin exercises are especially important if you are following a weight loss program.

Adding an element of neck-strengthening exercises into your routine will help lessen excess fat in your system and it will help support loose skin and keep it taut.

The chin exercises will help keep the area defined, tone muscles of the jaw line and also help firm the neck, throat and jowl area.

By adopting positive lifestyle changes, eating a healthy low-carb diet, exercising regularly, and regulating a consistent practice of double chin exercises will help define your jaw line and help rid an unattractive double chin.

Excess neck fat can also be due to aging and some inherited characteristics. Having a double chin adds years to your age. Under-chin fat is one of the most obvious signs of aging. This unsightly area becomes more pronounced if you tilt your head down or lower your bottom jaw.

Get rid of your double chin and flabby neck with these simple, easy double chin exercises-

  • Let’s start off with one very simple bedtime routine to stretch out the neck. Lie on your side with your head on a pillow. Slide your head backwards stretching the neck gently. Maintaining this position while you sleep is very effective.

    Here is good exercise to do before you get up in the morning- Lie on your bed on your back and dangle your head over the edge. Slowly raise your head to your chest. Hold, and repeat several times.
  • Stand comfortable keeping your upper body and shoulders still, extend your neck and chin out and forward as far as you can. Hold this position for a count of 8-10. Relax and repeat several times.
  • Open your mouth as wide as you can and hold for the count of 10. Relax and repeat.
  • Open your mouth wide and sit upright. Raise your chin up and move your jaw up and down as if you were chewing. You should feel the neck muscles tensing beneath your jaw and down the center of your neck.
  • Try this form of isometrics- Press your forehead against the palm of your hand while resisting with your head and neck. Hold for the count of 10.

More double chin exercises that can be practiced regularly as part of your overall toning workout

  • Tilt your head down touching your chin to your chest. Repeatedly open and close your jaw.
  • Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Count to ten and then relax. Repeat a few sets.
  • Simple, yet effective. Exaggerate the sound of OOOOO and EEEEEE….
  • Stand comfortable and bend your head back so you are looking at the ceiling. Pucker and exaggerate the pose and pretend to kiss the ceiling. Hold for count of 5. Repeat several times.
  • Stand or sit while gently and slowly using your chin to rotate circular movements in a clockwise direction several times. Repeat in opposite direction.
  • Stand straight, looking forward. Pull your chin upwards and back very slowly so you feel your platysma muscle stretch. Count to ten and relax. Repeat.
  • Use the back of your hand to slap your under chin a few minutes a day. Starting with gentle taps and then increasing the speed.
  • Sit straight, tilt head back. Place one hand on neck and make small backward rocking motions with head. Do three sets of 10.
  • With your mouth closed, curl your tongue back as far as you can towards your throat for a count of 20.

Helpful Tips

Yoga facial exercises are designed to work together to give your whole face better definition. Include other face exercises to achieve an overall toned sculpted-look. When exercising, take this time to concentrate, take your time and don’t rush through them. Results take time – Be patient.

To keep your neck supple and wrinkle-free, moisturize daily with an anti aging cream. Remember to use gentle upward strokes when applying oils or creams.

Posture has alot to do with overall appearance- Practice good posture- Be aware of sitting and standing straight with your head up- You will look and feel better while strengthening your throat and neck muscles and it will instantly make a double chin less visible.

Double chin exercises is a very popular method to help reduce or prevent that extra layer of fat over the neck. These exercises for double chin are simple techniques, can be done anywhere and don’t require special equipment. All you add is consistency.

Even with the help of liposuction or cosmetic surgery an exercise routine is needed to maintain tone and firmness.

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