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Dry Skin On Face Winter Blues?

Treatment Tips for Facial Dryness

Dry skin on face problems can be helped with the aid of many remedies and products available.

woman with dry skin in winterTake extra care to protect from dry skin problems in winter

Dry skin is a very common problem and is often more prevalent during the winter (“winter itch”) when environmental humidity is low and temperatures plummet.

Some people however, may experience this problem throughout the year.

The face in particular, being one of the most sensitive areas of the body and constantly exposed to the elements may need extra care and special attention during winter.

Cold temperatures with harsh winds and indoor central heating both cause moisture loss, causing extreme dryness, flaky patches, and a taut feeling.

Harsh wind exposure can add additional problems such as redness, broken capillaries, and windburn.

Dealing with dry facial skin can be quite overwhelming and possibly lead to more undesirable problems if it is not properly dealt with. A daily beauty routine must be followed to help maintain, enrich, and provide moisture to keep that beautiful complexion and ward off signs of premature aging.

Dryness will banish any youthful luster and cause flaking, roughness, and dullness. It will tend to make your makeup blotchy and intensify every line and wrinkle on your face, making you look years older.

Remedies for Dry Skin On Face and Neck

  • Moisturizing is the key to keeping a healthy complexion. In selecting a moisturizer, check the ingredients list for the perfect anti aging cocktail mix of vitamins and antioxidants for complete facial nutrition.

    Switching moisturizer formulas are recommended to change with the seasons. Due to the lower humidity levels in the air an oil-based moisturizer is advised for the winter months. A richer, heavier cream formula tend to offer better protection to help trap and seal in moisture to keep it hydrated.
  • To ensure you are getting the best out of your moisturizer it is important to exfoliate on a regular basis. Exfoliation sloughs off dry, flaky dead cells and allows better absorption of moisturizer and anti aging products. This treatment rejuvenates and refreshes the complexion instantly and prompts new cell renewal.
  • Use the proper face cleanser and toner for your skin type. Dry skin products are designed to work personally to cleanse but not overly strip off natural oils. A toner will prepare the skin for the moisturizer.
  • Treat yourself to a nourishing facial mask to rejuvenate and add an overall glow to your face, neck and décolleté.

Dry Skin On Face Sunscreen  Protection

Your face is particularly vulnerable to the damaging UV rays of the sun. The sun can be tough on dry skin. A sunscreen will help prevent the sun’ potentially harmful effects.

Sun damage can cause dry and tight conditions to worsen. Face skin care protection is a year-round important necessity. With the arrival of the winter cold and overcast skies it is very easy to feel the need for a broad-spectrum sunscreen or sunblock cream is unnecessary.

Don't under-estimate-The strength of the sun rays are still strong so UV radiation still poses a threat during the winter especially when rays reflect off snow. Clouds do little to filter out harmful rays that are still very capable of giving you a bad sunburn.

Purchase a sunscreen specially formulated for a dry type and apply it daily to help protect against sun damage, premature aging and cancer.

Protect and Soften That Kisser!

The dry skin on face includes the lips. Dry, chapped lips is also a very common problem. Symptoms also include burning, redness, small cracks, and peeling especially in winter season.

The same skin care protection that you apply to the face is needed when the lips become extremely dry. They tend to be extra sensitive and dry out easily because they lack the protection of oil glands.

Avoid the temptation to repeatedly lick your lips to moisturize them or biting on already irritated lips, often making the situation worse.

Protect your lips - Use a natural lip balm containing healing and moisturizing ingredients. Apply generously and often.

Easy home remedy for dry lips:

Include this tip into your beauty regimen to exfoliate the lips–

Apply a small amount of face scrub or a mixture of a sugar or salt/with water to form a paste on your lips. Scrub lips gently with finger tip or soft toothbrush. This treatment eliminates dry, dead, cells and leaves lips visibly renewed. Moisturize with lip balm.

Remember to always wear a protecting lip balm to keep lips hydrated, kissing smooth and healthy all year long.

Dry Skin On Face Mask Recipe

Try this Avocado facial masque to hydrate and bring a glow to your complexion

Cleanse face. Apply a cotton pad soaked with apple cider vinegar to rinse face, neck and décolleté.

  • Mash large ripe organic Avocado in a bowl.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of heavy cream, 1 teaspoon of honey, and mix to a smooth paste.
  • Apply the mixture onto your face, neck and décolleté and leave on for 20-30 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

  • If you experience dry skin on face problems occasionally or you suffer year round, there are many helpful remedies and tips available to try