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Effective Forehead Exercise

by Fabface

Facial Exercises Iron Out Forehead Wrinkles

I'm 38 and went through a trauma last year so my skin tone suffered tremendously.

I prefer the natural route in all things and found facial exercises and love it, love it, love it!

I can totally “see” how it works wonders for the face muscles and results can only get better the longer I do it.

Although one does need patience with this facercise it's different for everyone, but you cannot fail to see ‘lift’ and face toning if you keep on with this natural anti aging treatment.

I've found improvement with this forehead face exercise.
The tone of my forehead is better and has an almost 'botoxed' feel to it but I still have the natural expression lines.

I have only been doing face exercises for 2 weeks and will continue as I now see it as a lifelong investment of a few minutes a day and already noted improved skin tone all over which shows me it works.
Those who are cynical can only try for themselves.

Free face exercises Do Give Anti aging Results – Try This One Offered By Fabface-

  • Place all finger pads on the top of the forehead at the hairline and pull the forehead up slightly.

  • Lower the eyebrows in a series of 5 small movements and close the eyes.

You will feel the resistance - this is the muscle working. Repeat exercise 3 times.
Do daily with other "fabby" face exercises, if you want more improvement- I have!!

Here's to preserving and improving what we have!

Thank you for sharing Fabface!

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