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Kiss Eye Wrinkles Goodbye

Eye Wrinkle Treatments

Eye wrinkles can mask the beauty from your face.

Developing wrinkles can be quite an issue of concern and have a deep impact on self esteem for many people so it’s important to understand why they develop and what treatment options are available.

Eye wrinklesEye Wrinkles- Learn how to prevent/treatment options

The structure support of our skin changes as we age and is mainly responsible for wrinkle formation.

Collagen protein and elastin are the fibers that together produce the strength and elasticity needed to keep skin firm, taut, and youthful.

Production of these fibers are reduced, start to break down, and loose their effectiveness as we mature. When areas of the face become less elastic, loose and saggy it allows wrinkles to settle in and form.

The eye area is very delicate, thin, and susceptible to damage. This area already lacks fatty tissue and oil glands, so it is more vulnerable to show dryness, crows feet and lines faster than the rest of the face.

Special care and attention should be given to avoid damage. Wrinkles around eyes alone will add years to a person’s appearance,no matter what age you are.

Various other factors can contribute to wrinkles such as exposure to sun ray’s, pollution, stress, smoking, weight loss, and diet.

Eye Wrinkle Creams

Using an anti-wrinkle eye cream should be a part of your beauty regimen to help provide protection and delay the aging of the eye area.

Special creams are designed to nourish and supply the needed moisture to hydrate and rejuvenate, directly targeting the eye area. The primary goal is to smooth the skin while tightening, firming, and stimulating new cell growth.

Quality anti aging products formulated with powerful ingredients such as retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, peptides, CoQ10 and numerous antioxidant vitamins help restore and retain a youthful appearance if they are used consistently.

Note-Using a facial moisturizer product to the eye area may cause eye irritation. Reactions such as redness, tearing of the eyes, stinging, and itchiness may result if used because certain products may have more powerful ingredients in the formula that are more suited to the face.

Certain chosen ingredients that may be more useful to the eye area may also be included in the ingredients list for dedicated eye creams to fight under eye puffiness, crêpeyness and dark circles.

Prevent Eye Wrinkles

Helpful tips and remedies to prevent or reduce wrinkles

  • Protect your skin from the suns ultraviolet rays. The majority of aging damage comes from this source. Always wear a 'broad spectrum' sunscreen product and a good quality UV-protective pair of sunglasses to block out harmful sunlight.
  • Don’t smoke for all the health reasons, and the fact that smoking damages the skin and deprives it of nutrients and oxygen.
  • Get enough sleep at night. Lack of proper sleep can contribute to premature aging. Tired eyes can accentuate the wrinkles around your eyes. Many anti aging products are formulated to renew and restore our skin during the sleeping hours.
  • Sleeping on your side or stomach can cause folds or creases to settle permanently into the face and lead to wrinkle formation. Try to correct your sleeping position and sleep on your back.
  • Facial exercises can help slow the appearance of lines and wrinkle formation. Performing a variety of exercise treatments designed to target areas of the face can strengthen the under eye muscles and lead to better muscle tone to the over-all face which will create a more youthful appearance.
  • Drink plenty of water and include antioxidant rich foods into your diet- Water consumption is the key towards keeping moisture levels balanced to help achieve and maintain a dewy complexion.

    It will contribute to your body health by flushing out toxins and keeping yourself hydrated. Foods rich in antioxidants can help neutralize the harmful effects of the sun, stimulate collagen production, and help restore cells.
  • Be gentle around the delicate eye area. One bad habit many of us may be guilty of is rubbing the eyes. Consistently rubbing them or removing makeup roughly will wear down supportive tissue and encourage wrinkles.
  • A light glycolic peel, fillers, Botox injections and even certain types of laser treatments are other professional options that will help you get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

There are many effective methods and home remedy treatments to help you slow the onset of eye wrinkles