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Anti aging Face Care Tips

Learn useful face care tips. Specific focus and extra attention is needed to often-neglected areas of the face.

Glass of iced lemon water-Great for skin healthKeep your skin hydrated

Face Care Tips For Dry, Chapped Lips

Nothing will ruin the beauty of your face faster than a chapped kisser, not to mention the horrible look of lipstick on them.

Various reasons can contribute to this problem such as:

  • Extreme weather conditions such as cold, hot weather and strong wind can contribute to chapped and cracked lips. Keep your lips moisturized and protected with a balm, Aloe Vera, Shea, or Vitamin E ointment.

  • Exfoliate-Keep lips rejuvenated and healthy –exfoliate gently with your facial scrub or a small amount of sugar to remove dead cells and soften.

  • Sun damage–Just like the rest of your skin, lips can be damaged by the sun and need to be protected from the elements. Many chapstick/lip balm products contain sun screen ingredients in them.

  • Lack of moisture-Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and keep lips plumped.

Lip attention-

Resist the temptation to lick your lips- This temporary relief will generally aggravate the condition and cause soreness and redness.

Avoid biting, picking or pulling the surface skin on your lips. It will never have a chance to heal and constant action will cause pain, and possibly bleeding.

For extra beautiful lips, add your dazzling smile

Face Skin Care Tips For Neck and Décolleté

The same dedicated care that’s required to keep your face looking young and healthy will also benefit the neck and décolleté.

These delicate areas are often completely ignored and neglected and should always be incorporated into your daily beauty regimen. Treatment steps, on a regular basis should include a cleanser, moisturizer, antioxidant rich rejuvenation products, and broad-spectrum sun screen protection.

Good routine care and quality, ingredient packed anti aging products that are applied and extended down past your face will also nourish the décolleté zone to hydrate and strengthen tissue.

A lack of proper care and continuous, unprotected exposure to harmful sun rays on the neck and décolleté result in photo aging, crepiness, roughness, and a lack of elasticity. Neck wrinkles, creases, dryness, and hyper-pigmentation will easily show a women’s age.

Face Care Tips To Help Rid Facial Blackheads

Many effective popular types of blackhead removal methods are available.

  • Along with your daily exfoliating products you can also add the use of topical methods to help treat resistant blackheads that need a more aggressive approach. Retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic, and salicylic acid treatments can be used to loosen blackheads and increase cell turnover.

  • Get extractions by a trained professional dermatologist, physician or esthetician for stubborn blackheads. Careful use of a comedone extactor instrument can be successfully used to remove individual blackheads.

  • Steam your face for a 10-15 minute treatment to effectively clear blocked pores, soften skin and bring embedded blackheads to the surface for easy removal.

  • Apply a facial mask. A mud or clay based treatment mask draws out impurities that clog pores and it also helps to eliminate dead cells that give a complexion a rough, dull texture.

Face Care Tips To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Several methods can be used to eliminate unwanted face hair such as tweezing, bleaches, waxing, creams, chemical depilatories, epilators, laser hair removal, electrolysis, and threading.

Many of us may not be familiar to threading

Threading is an ancient technique, originated and practiced across Asia and the Middle East for years. Today this form of epilation is regaining popularity and becoming a more preferred method of facial hair removal and eyebrow grooming.

The art of threading by a highly skilled therapist is a safe, very precise method that can achieve very clean results to the eyebrows, chin, upper lips, and the entire facial area.

The technique involves rolling a double strand of cotton thread back and forth across the area. The twisting action catches the hair in the loops and pulls it out by the root.

Instant Eye “Pop”Tip- Well groomed eyebrows will give a fresh appearance and an instant illusion of lifted lids – Well defined eyebrows gives definition to your eyes, and beautifies the face.

Face Care Tips To Eliminate Hyperpigmentation

Freckles, age spots, liver spots or any other form of uneven discoloration are usually caused due to sun damage.*

Resurfacing procedures can help to remove dark pigment, improve cosmetic flaws,and uncover fresh cell growth underneath.

Treatment Facial Tips:

  • Hydroquinone Creams –Bleaching products that treat skin discoloration by slowing down the production of melanin and reducing the pigmentation.

  • Hydroxy Acid Peels - Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) act as exfoliating agents and increase the rate of cell renewal. Exfoliation can help surface and eliminate hyperpigmentation

  • Microdermabrasion - The least invasive cosmetic procedure that sands away and exfoliates with a granule or crystal flow to shed pigmented cells from the top layer of the skin and promote new cell turnover.

  • Laser resurfacing –Precisely controlled lasers help treat varying degrees of hyperpigmentation and imperfections while providing maximum results with minimal recovery time.

*Wear plenty of a broad spectrum sunscreen product that blocks both UVA and UVB rays to prevent the risk of hyperpigmentation and protect your skin from exposure to sunlight.

Achieve clearer and radiant looking skin with these face care tips that are helpful in improving your complexion and keeping it healthy