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Facial Exercise for Bright New Eyes

by Debbie
(Austin, Texas, USA)

Facial Exercises Can Help In Anti aging Skincare

I recently turned forty and have begun to see aging in my face and eyes, including sagging eyes(droopy eyelids) and crows feet on the sides of my face.

The eye muscles in and around my eyes have clearly lost their strength and I wanted to look better and not display my age through my eyes.

I did a lot of research for anti-aging and discovered great face exercises for my eyes.

Every morning and night I sit on the edge of my bed, calm and relaxed. I use my hands to lift my eyebrows up and stretch my eyelids up and down at the same time.

I do this at least ten times each session and have seen great results. Although I did not see results at first, after three weeks I noticed that my crows feet had reduced and my eyelids were higher.

The best part of this is that these are free face exercises. I don't have to spend money on expensive eye surgery. I only have to provide a commitment to these exercises and remember every morning and night to complete this simple task.

This is such a simple task, but provides great and effective results. This is an eye exercise I would recommend to everyone.

Thank you for sharing Debbie!

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