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Shaving For Men - Return To The Traditional Wet Shave

by Daniel Staeger

Guys Shaving Tips

Dear Fellow-Men-

For years I was not able to shave wet. I always liked the luxury of the clean, wet shaving with a blade.

Maybe the childhood memory of my grandfather helped. He was running a barbershop from 1920 to ‘63. Shaving then was the weekly event of blue-collar workers in Europe. A clean shave Friday or Saturday was the start for a good weekend.

Good soap and a sharp blade was a professional issue.
Thanks to some American innovation of the 4 blade shaver I am finally able to wet shave. My nephew now tells me, that young men shave more than just beards.

Having a quality blade I was happy with, I needed to find a professional shaving cream product.

So I had tried all the un-professional gels and foams before. They were full of parabens and other nasty ingredients. They dried and irritated my skin. So I started trying shaving oils.

My skin is healthy and feels great now so my tip is:

Keep trying and experimenting with different male grooming products and shave products until you find what you like.
Every skin type is different and make sure that Vitamin A and no perfume is in the products.


Thank you Daniel for sharing!

Editors comment-

Male Shaving -

Now that men of all ages are paying more attention to their appearance, it’s no wonder that the hottest trend right now in male grooming is a return to the traditional wet shave.

Many factors determine if shaving is going to be a chore or a luxury experience.

First- It is important to know the type of skin you have for choosing the right shaving cream.

The proper mens grooming product and quality shaving creams will determine your shaving experience.
The skin care ingredients determine the quality of the products.

Shaving for men doesn’t have to be a chore!

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