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Skin Care for Oily Skin Control

Tips For Managing an Oily Complexion

Skin care for oily skin has its challenges. Fortunately, it can be managed with the many strategies available and keeping to a consistent, correct regimen to maintain good balance.

Teen Boy Skin CareStart a Skin Care for Oily Skin Regimen Early

Your success will depend on finding the ideal measure of oil that is needed to keep your complexion balanced.

Controlling excess oil can be overwhelming until you establish your own personalized regimen that will work for you.

Because acne types and oily prone complexions can be sensitive and cause numerous problems it’s best to start by choosing quality products that are specially designed for oily skin and tweet gently as you go until you establish your own personalized formula.

Basic Skin Care for Oily Skin

Start with simple basics to help moderate oily complexions. These simple steps can help reduce the effects of excess oil and improve your complexion’ appearance.

  • Cleanse - Use a gentle cleanser morning and night. Look for quality products that do not contain perfumes or harsh ingredients that will dry or over-strip your skin of its natural oil. It's very important to maintain a healthy complexion with proper cleansing to keep your pores clear and your skin balanced.

    Avoid over scrubbing and irritating your complexion to prevent triggering more oil production because the oil glands may work overtime to replace the oil you removed.

  • Facial Toner- Look for an alcohol-free toner that is appropriate for oily types. It will help to remove last traces of dirt, dead cells and makeup, tighten, and balance your complexions PH.

    Toners prepare skin for better absorption of other products, absorb the excess oil on the face, not eliminate the natural oils completely, and help to cut down on the shine.

  • Skin Care for Oily Skin - Moisturizer
  • Follow up with a good oil free or non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) moisturizer. These products are meant to provide the needed moisture and maintain the correct hydration to the cells to keep your skin healthy, soft and plumped.

    Some products also include vitamin ingredients to help replenish cells and include SPF to protect from damage.

    To find out which formula is best for your skin you may have to experiment with different varieties.

  • Sun Block or Sunscreen Product
  • Sun protection is important every day to guard against sun damage. Watch your sun exposure, hot sun actually stimulates the production of more oil.

    Choose a full spectrum (UVA and UVB) sun block with mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Skin Care for Oily Skin- Take Extra Measures

With a little extra attention, you can dramatically improve the condition and appearance of your complexion.

  • Facial Steam Treatment
  • Steam treatments help open and clear pores. Adding botanical essential oils such as lavender, lemon oil, or chamomile to the water will soothe skin. Rinse with cold water to close pores.

  • Facial Mask Treatment
  • Oil absorbing facial masks can provide many benefits to your skin. Mask treatments with kaolin or bentonite clay work to unclog pores by drawing out excess oil, impurities, and loosening dead cells.

    Use facial mask treatments 2 or 3 times a month to clean deep down into your pores, leaving a smoother appearance and less oil.

  • Medicated Beauty Pads and Blotting Paper
  • Both are favorites to help freshen up and clear excess oil without the inconvenience of cleansing your face. They are easy to use (press and roll) and tuck away nicely.

  • Makeup
  • A common problem with oily types when applying makeup is the breakthrough shine that usually occurs causing patchy, uneven color. As the need to “touchup” throughout the day, most likely your foundation will appear cakey and change color.

    An oil-free, anti-shine primer used before makeup will help keep the base stay put. It will provide a perfect canvas and help avoid creasing.

    When choosing a foundation to help control shine and avoid clogged pores, look for a water-based, non comedogenic product rather than makeup labeled “oil based.”

    Stay away from shiny and shimmery makeup.

    A light touch of loose powder can keep you looking fresh all day long and help absorb the excess oil.

    On the plus side- Generally as we age, oily skin tends to become an asset- aging better and wrinkling less