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Prevent Upper Lip Wrinkles

How To Get Rid Of Lip Wrinkles

Upper lip wrinkles are common signs of aging that can give the entire face an aged appearance.

Upper lip wrinkles on mature womanUPPER LIP WRINKLES ARE COMMON SIGNS OF AGING

As we age our skin becomes thinner and creases and vertical lines above the lip become more apparent.

Changes to our skin as we age are imperative, although sun damage, cigarette smoke, and other culprits can play a part and contribute to wrinkle formation.

Loss of collagen and elastin naturally diminishes as we age. When this supportive tissue is lost, skin becomes less plump, smooth, and flexible.

How To Prevent Upper Lip Wrinkles

Some preventative measures are helpful to reduce the visibility of these lines or ward off wrinkles around the mouth from forming

  • Drink Plenty Of Water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated and help plump up wrinkles and make them less noticeable.

  • Sleeping Positions- Positions while sleeping can also pose a cause for etched in wrinkle development. Side or stomach positions tend to help contribute to setting in lines and wrinkles. Sleeping on your back may help prevent creases.

  • Anti aging /Anti-wrinkle Products- Many anti aging formulas are designed to effectively target lip lines. Quality products can rejuvenate and produce healthier cells and help deliver essential nutrients and minerals to keep skin moisturized and prevent premature wrinkling, also often creating an illusion of less lip wrinkles that may be already present.

    Look for product ingredients that boost the natural production of collagen.

  • Lip Wrinkle Creams targeted to the lip area to effectively plump the skin and minimize the appearance of frown and vertical lines.

  • Antioxidants- Include foods rich in antioxidants in your daily diet and supplemental vitamins. Topical treatments that include Vitamins A,B,C, and E are essential to your skin's overall health and they help fight damaging free radicals.

  • Use Lip Balm- Include lip care to your skin care regimen. Wear a SPF 15 lip balm to protect your lips from sun damage and keep them moist and hydrated.

  • Dramatic Weight Loss and Missing Teeth also can add to wrinkles surrounding the mouth when the volume of fat is reduced from the face or the dental support structure is broken down.

  • Sunscreen Protection- One of the primary causes of accelerated ageing /wrinkles is sun damage. It is important to protect your skin from harsh environmental factors by wearing a good quality broad-spectrum sunscreen every day to help prevent and keep more wrinkles from forming.

  • Stop Smoking – Altering a few bad habits such as smoking will greatly reduce wrinkle damage from forming and ensure you a healthier life. Aside from being the biggest contributor to upper lip wrinkles smoking is already known for its health risks and side effects.
  • Avoid Stress- Stress can contribute its share of problems so learning various stress management techniques will help reduce the signs of aging and improve your lifestyle.

  • Lip Exercises- Facial exercises specifically designed to strengthen and tone specific parts of your face.

    Try this easy exercise to help keep your skin smooth and free of those wrinkles above your lip – Pull your mouth in and over your teeth. Keeping a tense pressure, smile as wide as possible and hold for a count of 20. Repeat the whole exercise 10 times.

Cosmetic Procedures Effective in Treating Upper Lip Wrinkles

More invasive treatments might be necessary to get rid of deeper lip lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels, soft tissue fillers, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and botox help restore and rejuvenate your lip area.

  • BOTOX® - Tiny dose muscle relaxant injections may be helpful in softening vertical lip lines, giving a fresher and more relaxed skin appearance.
  • Laser Resurfacing  is a particularly popular process for vertical lines on the top lip. The upper layers of wrinkled skin is destroyed allowing new healthier skin to form, revealing a fresher, youthful appearance.
  • Chemical Peel - Several types of chemical solutions are used for peels, such as alpha hydroxy acids, trichloroacetic acid or phenol to improve the texture of skin, treat wrinkles, and clear uneven pigmentation.

    The degree of the wrinkles to be treated will depend on the type, concentration or strength of the solution used. Formulas remove the outer layers of damaged skin, revealing fresh new skin.
  • Injectable Dermal Fillers - Cosmetic fillers can be used to treat and plump lines and creases, providing a smoother appearance on and around the lips.

    Various products such as Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, and Belotero are used successfully.

Lips are one of our most visible facial features. Take precautions and help prevent upper lip wrinkles