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Coconut Oil Moisturizer

by Dawn

Coconut Oil Skin Care Benefits

I started using Organic coconut oil in my diet years ago to help change to healthier living. I had read it also has been reported to increase energy, promote weight loss, and had numerous coconut oil skin benefits.

I’ve always had rough, dry flaking skin problems.

Since using a coconut oil moisturizer now for 3 years it has softened my rough skin and helped repair many years of sun skin damage on my face. The coconut oil on skin is quickly absorbed into the skin without a greasy feel.

The coconut oil face moisturizer is an all natural skin care product I highly recommend.

Thank you Dawn for sharing!

Editors comment-

Coconut Oil Skincare -

Coconut oil is one of the oldest and trusted ingredients for skin and hair benefits.

Coconut oil for skin is rich in saturated fatty acids and Vitamin E. It will help soften rough, cracked skin. It is loaded with antioxidants that help repair skin damage, and prevent lines and wrinkles.

It is used for hair treatments and to treat dandruff.

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