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Reduce Eye wrinkles And Prevent New Ones From Forming

Anti Wrinkle Tips

Eye wrinkles give a bad first impression. Shave years off your face with “wrinkle Insurance”

As people age, several factors specifically related to age and gravity, lead to the development of wrinkles. Our supportive network structure loses its firmness and our oil producing glands produce less face oil causing dry, loose skin which has a tendency to wrinkle.

Because our focus of attention is on our facial care we often neglect our under eye area until wrinkles become visible instead of taking precautions before they develop.

The thinner, more sensitive eye area is usually the first to show signs of aging, making us look tired and much older than we are.

Completely avoiding the onset of wrinkles may be a stretch but you can do certain things to minimize or take preventive measures to prevent further damage that can cause under eye wrinkles and to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Home Remedies For Wrinkles

  • Keep yourself protected against the sun rays

    Unprotected exposure to the suns ultraviolet rays is by far the number one cause for damaging skin cells, destroying collagen protein and elastin fibers that support your skin structure and keep it firm and younger-looking.

    Skin damage from the sun causes premature aging resulting in a wrinkled face and rough texture.

    Squinting strains the eye muscles and possibly contributes to the creation of crows feet.

    The best defense to prevent wrinkles around the eye is to wear a sunscreen product, with at least a SPF 30, and protect the eyes with quality, UV filter sunglasses.

  • Smoking and wrinkles

    Not smoking for all the known reasons is the healthier approach. Aside from the health issues, smoking speeds the aging process, contributing to free radical damage.

    It damages collagen, causing excessive undereye wrinkles. The smoking habit also helps contribute to lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

  • A healthy diet improves the quality of skin

    Preventing and reducing wrinkles can be achieved by adding more superfoods, antioxidant fruits,and vegetables to your anti aging diet. Foods rich in antioxidants and minerals can help counteract the effects of free radical damage.

  • Apply eye moisturizer to the fragile eye area daily to protect, condition and help retain its elasticity

    Keep the area well-hydrated to prevent wrinkle formation and temporarily improve the appearance of wrinkles by plumping up your skin. Invest in your eye care by preventing problem lines under eyes or repairing skin sun damage with a potent anti-wrinkle eye cream.

  • Be gentle, the area around the eyes is very fragile and sensitive

    Do not rub, pull, stretch, scratch or press on the eye area as these movements can lead to wrinkles or breaking delicate blood vessels resulting in dark circles under eye problems.

  • Prevent sleep lines from forming permanently by correcting your sleeping position

    Years of sleeping on your side or stomach can encourage line formation to settle into your face and pressure can accumulate and cause puffiness under eyes.

    Try to get into the habit of sleeping on your back to reduce eye wrinkle formation and overall facial creases

Fight eye wrinkles with anti aging ammunition, correct bad habits and your eyes will stay wrinkle free longer

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