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TLC Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter skin care tips and guidelines are essential to help adjust your beauty regimen to protect your skin from winter conditions.


Winter Dry Skin Solutions

The extreme conditions that are typical in the winter months are sure to have you encounter some complexion problems.

While winter temperatures vary depending on where you live, most people experience some stress on the skin from cold weather, harsh wind, and low humidity.

The sudden drop in temperature can rob natural moisture from your complexion, leaving it dry, flaky, dehydrated, and sensitive. A dry skin type may become drier, tight, itchy, and extremely uncomfortable. It can also add more harm to an already problematic condition such as eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, and acne.

Central heating adds yet more stress to skin. Going in and out from the cold to indoor heat often leads to dull, rough, chapped skin.

Your skin needs extra TLC during the colder months. Learn to take a few protective measures to help keep a balance and prevent serious damage down the road.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Keeping skin healthy and maintaining a flawless complexion through a consistent, daily beauty routine is important all year. Extra TLC is needed to protect your skin from “winters blue” months to keep it supple and looking youthful.

  • Stay Hydrated:
  • When the weather turns chilly we tend to turn to hot chocolate, coffee, and hot comfort drinks and drink less water.

    Drinking plenty of water is still important- supplying your skin with moisture content and giving your body a wonderful cleansing treatment by helping to eliminate toxins.

  • Humidifier:
  • Invest in a humidifier to help re-introduce moisture into the air and help eliminate dryness, cracking and itchy winter skin problems. Running a humidifier, adding plants, and turning down the thermostat will all be helpful.

  • Cleanser Products:
  • You may find changing your cleanser to a more moisturizing version with ingredients such as glycerin, chamomile, and vitamin E will help.

    You surely want to steer clear of harsh soaps and toners that strip your skins natural oils and cause the outer, protective barrier to weaken.

  • Exfoliate:
  • Exfoliation sloughs off dead surface cells to keep skin stimulated and it allows fresh new skin to surface.

    This important step will also help enhance the absorption of moisturizers and other rejuvenating products.

  • Moisturizer- Moisturize frequently:
  • This single winter skin care tip alone will make a huge difference right away.

    A good moisturizer is helpful to protect from moisture loss and to keep skin dewy. Using a moisturizer daily will provide that needed protective layer.

    For added protection in the winter months, you may decide to choose a richer, more powerful oil-based formula with added “humectants” such as glycerine, hyaluronic acid, or urea to attract moisture to the skin.

    Consider an overnight moisturize treatment for rough spot areas on your hands or feet by lavishly slathering on a balm. Cover with spa gloves and socks overnight.

  • Protect Lips:
  • Lips are particularly sensitive in winter. Exfoliate dead skin from your lips and apply applications of lip balm often. Lip balm will soothe chapped lips, keep them protected, and help keep them from becoming dry and cracked.

    Refrain from licking your lips. Temptation to lick your lips will cause them to get even more chapped, red and sore.

    Almost everyone has this winter problem – keep a handy balm in your purse or pocket.

  • Limit hot,long showers /baths:
  • To help with the drying effect and moisture loss from hot water, refrain from long hot showers and overbathing. Immediately after bathing, replenish your skin with a moisturizer while the skin is still damp. (A heavier cream or body butter product may be needed for the winter months).

    Warm water luxury bath - Hydrate skin by adding a few drops of Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or a capful of olive oil to the bath.

  • Sun protection is another important winter skincare tip:
  • Using a broad spectrum sunscreen is a standard rule that applies all year round.

    Sunblock formulas provide the protection from the harmful sun rays as well as acting as a barrier to help protect against the harsh elements. The strength of the sun’ rays can penetrate snow, fog, water, clouds and windows.

  • Vitamins - Supplements:
  • By taking a few supplements such as krill/fish oil that contain omega-3 fatty acids or omega-6 such as borage oil, flax seed, sunflower oil, and evening primrose will hydrate, improve the overall condition of your skin, and help with premature aging.

    Include Vitamins B, C, E and K and minerals such as selenium and zinc for additional nourishment.

  • Make-up
  • It may be necessary to discontinue the use of powdered-type cosmetics during the winter. Powder will emphasize flaking, roughness, and cause fine lines to look more pronounced.

    A better choice is to try BB cream, liquid foundations, tinted moisturizers, and cream-based formulas.

Keep your skin happy all winter long with these easy winter skin care tips

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