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Anti aging Skin Care Treatments For The Over 50

Face Care Tips For Ageing Skin

Anti aging skin care treatments for men and women over 50 can help fight the ravages of aging and rejuvenate tired looking complexions.


The normal aging process is inevitable but with the more effective treatments, practices, and the vast selection of anti-aging products available, it’s easy to help preserve our youth, defy your age, and enhance ones natural beauty at any age.

Skin care over 50- You can take 10-15 years off your face without risky surgical procedures by learning anti aging secrets and using the right skin rejuvenation methods with regular and disciplined use.

Antiaging Treatments For Mature Skin

Exfoliate -

Keeping your complexion in healthy condition requires regular face exfoliation. This anti aging skin care treatment will help stimulate collagen production, create a continual production of healthy cells and uncover a fresher look.

As you age your body does not replace the old cells at the same pace as it did when you were younger and the collagen and elastin fibers that keep it firm and supple begin to weaken.

Removal of the dead cells and toxins will help your complexion from looking dull, rough and lifeless, keeping over 50 skin looking gorgeous.

Hand Care -Don’t Forget Your Hands-

Neglected hands will reveal age. Rejuvenate your hands with exfoliating facial masks, or an alpha-hydroxy peel anti aging skin care treatment.

Invest in a quality anti aging hand cream that has ingredients to encourage and re-generate natural collagen protein and elastin formation.

You may also consider minimally invasive procedures such as injectable fillers to add volume to the back of your hands or laser treatments to fade uneven pigmentation.

Face Moisturizer-

A “Must have” anti aging cream moisturizer will nurture skin, help recapture moisture, and bring back a fresh, youthful glow.

A rich hydrating cream that maintains constant levels of moisture throughout the day will keep ageing skin plumped, energized, and it will help smooth out wrinkles.

Keeping your complexion moist and more pliable is important at any age, but a disciplined, regular use of an anti aging skin care treatment moisturizer is of the utmost importance as you grow older.


The main purpose of any anti aging regimen is to protect and prevent damage and rejuvenate any existing skin damage with effective anti aging skin care treatments.

The main culprit for aging skin is countless years of damaging exposure to the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. The importance of sunscreen can help prevent sun damage. From age spots to cancer, there are many reasons to protect your exposed areas from over exposure to sunlight. Add this important step to your regime–everyday!

Anti wrinkle Treatments-

A anti wrinkle cream will help rebuild the skin's dermal network and improve it’ ability to fight wrinkles and expression lines.

As we age, our collagen levels breaks down. The loss of collagen production will contribute to undesired fine lines and deep nasal folds.

To help stimulate collagen, rejuvenate aging skin, and restore your complexion’ radiance consider the amount and type of the active ingredients in the wrinkle cream when deciding on an anti aging skin care treatment product.

Consider anti-wrinkle creams that are armed with powerful antioxidant vitamins such as Retinol, kinetin, Hydroxy acids, Coenzyme Q10, Copper peptides, and Green Tea extract.

Anti aging Eye Cream-

Due to aging, the area around the eyes loses its elasticity and under eye wrinkles can form rapidly in this area. The best eye creams are formulated to provide moisture, strengthen the under-eye area, and eliminate puffiness and dark circles.

An ultra hydrating treatment improves elasticity, brightens and refines the zone.

Keep informed to other treatment options that are effective at repairing skin degeneration and damage. Discover new solutions to help treat your complexion, address your specific concerns, what-ever your age or stage of your life.

Anti aging skin care treatment options to consider may include: Injectable fillers, Microdermabrasion,Thermage, Laser resurfacing, Botox, Derma roller treatments, and Chemical peels.

Unwanted Facial Hair - Hair Removal Techniques

With age, hormone change may bring on hair in new places. These days there are many options to hair removal. There are several temporary and semi-permanent anti aging skin care treatment procedures available:

  • Tweezing / Plucking- Tweezers used manually to pull hairs out by the root, one or a few at a time.
  • Shaving-cuts the hair off at the surface. A temporary solution - stubble develops quickly, usually in one to 3 days.
  • Mechanical Epilators- hair removal system -Removes total body or facial hair from the root leaving the area smooth for up to 6 weeks.
  • Threading- An old form technique used mainly on the eyebrows and upper lip. A double strand of cotton thread is twisted and pulled around individual hairs lifting hair out from the roots.
  • Waxing- Application of hot or cold waxes help to remove hair at the root that has been applied to an area. Cloth strips are placed on the wax and pulled off in the opposite direction the hair grows. The downside to waxing is you have to let hair grow out to wax again.
  • Depilatory Creams- These hair removal creams do not remove the hair fully from the root but is chemically broke down and removed at the surface. If you suffer from acne or are sensitive to products then you may want to avoid.
  • Bleaching- Bleaching is actually not a hair removal method, but rather a way to make the hair less noticeable by only lightening the color of the hair.

There are a few semi-permanent solutions:

  • Electrolysis- Electrolysis involves a needle being inserted individually into the hair follicle and sending an electrical current through it, destroying the hair root. Costly and time consuming -it involves a series of appointments to prove to be more permanent.
  • Laser Treatment- This anti aging skin care treatment procedure destroys hair follicles by emitting light at various wavelengths, outputs, and pulses. Not always permanent and must be repeated for several sessions.
  • Prescription Treatments- Creams available by prescription to treat facial hair growth in women.

Clean Up Bad Habits

The effects of sun exposure, smoking, diet and heredity become evident on our skin as we get older.

Not Enough Sleep And Exercise-

Don’t skip out on exercise. Staying active maintains flexibility and helps preserve muscle tone.

Exercise is just as healthy for your complexion as it is for your body and mind.

Make regular exercise a part of your anti-aging routine. It will improve circulation, showing results in improved skin tone and clarity.

Get a good nights sleep to help prevent bags under eyes and take advantage of rejuvenation products that work while you sleep.

Smoking- It has been shown to accelerate the aging process causing deep wrinkles on the face, crows feet, mouth wrinkles, and leathery skin. It restricts the absorption of vitamin C and impairs blood flow, preventing antiaging nutrients, and reducing oxygen to our skin.

Smoking causes your skin to absorb more dangerous free radicals and significantly reduces the levels of collagen.

Limit Alcohol Intake- Excess alcohol consumption can dehydrate the skin and deplete vital nutrients causing dryness, dull tone, and more visible wrinkles.

Diet- Good nutrition will show in your complexion as well as keeping your body fit. Water hydrates your skin from the inside out. The more you keep your body hydrated the longer your skin will stay elastic and supple and keep lines and wrinkles from forming.

By eating superfoods high in antioxidants and the regular use of vitamin supplements, you can actually help your skin fight the free radicals that often cause the damage or aging of healthy cells.

It is never too late to make a difference and to start an anti aging skin care treatments program, repair skin damage, and prevent further damage.

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